Pay per click (PPC) is not only important for small businesses, but also for large ones. It enhances online business accomplishment for a favorable and effective marketing campaign.

Small businesses miss out a variety of opportunity to increase their business profitably as they underestimate or are unaware of the advantages of PPC.

Whether the PPC advertising is through Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads or through Twitter, it offers an excellent way to promote your brand and also reach your potential customers.

What is PPC advertising?

What is PPC

Pay Per Click or PPC is also known as PSA ( Paid Search Advertising) it is an important part of SEM ( Search Engine Marketing).

When it combines with SEO, it becomes a crucial way to target customers who use search engines like Bing and Google, to find general information about the products.

According to the term, an advertiser gets paid only when an audience clicks on the ad. Over the years, PPC campaigns have developed and are using other pricing methods like CPA (payment after a click leads to a conversion) or CPM (get paid per thousand representations).

PPC management allows you to approach the targeted audience at a faster rate by defining who are interested to see ads. It is either by demographic characteristics or by selecting particular keywords and you pay when an audience clicks on your ad.

Main Platforms

PPC Main Platforms

So now when you know what is PPC advertising, it’s time to drive your attention towards the best traffic sources from where you can attract an audience to your website. However, there are many social networks which drive traffic to the website. But these three platforms are identified as the ideal ones which drive quality traffic to your website.

Google AdWords

AdWords, Display Network Sites, Run on Google, Search Partner Sites is one of the biggest PPC platforms. It was effectuated in 2017 and since then it has undergone various replications. It is used by innumerable companies starting from the smallest to the biggest.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads is alike AdWords, it is a platform that shows ads on Yahoo and Bing networks. In Bing Ads, you can add advertising that is keyword based. In a survey, it was seen Bing Ads has about 142 unique searches.

Facebook Ads

As we all know every single people have a Facebook account. It means you can reach millions of people through Facebook Ads and  allow more people to visit your website, which in turn will increase sales and revenue.

PPC Advertising Functions

Some organizations do not rely on PPC marketing, as they underrate its importance. But it has many advantages:

Direct Response

Pay Per Click is a comprehensive tool that allows the audience to buy a product or services as soon as they visit your website. Online stores are an ideal example, every click is an expected customer.

Hence, investing money in order to increase the number of clicks is sensible. Keeping your brand or product prominent results in immediate ROI.

Short Campaigns

To allow the audience to know about the latest services, new product or some special offers, PPC advertising is the quickest way to create fizz. If you create a PPC management within 24-48 hours, you can change your message during the mid-campaign, which makes changing message easy. PPC is ideal to grab attention for a limited time period.

Listed Products

Bing and Google are the search engines that provide a particular type of ad known as PLA’s or product listing ads, for the sellers who sell a catalog of services. They highlight the services, product image etc, it has become popular in the search results over the last few years. These ads have resulted in an increased sale as it attracts customers looking for the similar products what you are selling.

Business to Business Awareness

PPC strategy helps to acquire the quality users and increases visibility if you calculate service cycle in weeks and months. It allows you to control the ad copy a new user views, also the content which is open to the new user for a better impression. Hence, you optimize to pay for the best leads, best clicks at a cheap price.

Remarket your product

Google AdWords allows you to create the audience who have visited your site but never bought your services. You can target these audiences by creating an interesting image and video ads.

Hence, remarketing is one of the cost-effective technique to increase sales. If you are not targeting these customers as a part of PPC and digital marketing, you are definitely leaving your earned money.

Tips to create goals for PPC advertising

Before you think of the advertisement, first think about who is targeted by this campaign. While creating ads or while choosing keywords, pick the terms that your audience will likely search for.

Also, add texts and content that speaks up about their requirement. To increase ROI make sure you add content that aligns with the keywords ad the text. It will maximize the user experience and the quality of the ad.

While creating an ad remind yourself what are you looking for? Check what your user will want to do after they click on the ad. Also, add some triggering texts that drive the visitor to a landing page which leads them towards the goal.

Importance of PPC in small startups

PPC in small startups

PPC advertisement not only helps the bigger firms, but also the small firms. An affluent strategy can increase business than any of the other online methods. PPC  is an ideal tool to reach your targeted customer at the right time especially when they want to convert. Also, there are other benefits of using PPC strategy, described below.

Cost Effective

People have misconceptions about its cost, they believe that it is a waste of money or PPC advertisement is high in cost, which prevents them from using it.

However, it is true that if you do not carefully use our money you might end up everything, by receiving nothing. But by following simple tips and tricks you can receive the best results from a PPC marketing campaign.

  • Start with a notable amount, with increased sales you can spend more. Before spending more, check for the increased number of visitors and the conversions.
  • Hire professionals, if you are new to Facebook, Bing or AdWords ads.
  • Use different ways to reduce your CPC costs. PPC is equivalent to SEO in which the optimization is one of the fundamental components.
  • Increase budget, as long it earns profits, it is an important PPC management rule.
  • Take a closer look at the campaigns held by the competitors and learn from them.
  • It is crucial to spend money on the keywords that generate traffic and sales.
The easiest way to target visitors

You need targeted traffic that leads to more business and sale to manage an online business. When it comes to targeted traffic, SEO is the first thing that we think of, but it takes a long time to work. Therefore, the best alternative is PPC, which helps to get the targeted traffic.

Google AdWords helps you to choose keywords which will appear in ads and these will reappear on Google search results or in the right sidebar on the desktop. With social sites like Facebook, you can determine your target audience which is based on the various demographic characteristics.

Organizations can also make money through PPC without a proper organic ranking. Their success plan is based upon three things like highly converting websites, product quality they are offering, PPC campaigns that are highly optimized.

Easiest Way to sell products

If you have a good website, but still if you are facing problems to sell the products. Try Google AdWords and get 1000 visitors and check the results. However, it will cost you an amount. But if you are looking for a long-term presence it will provide you increased revenue in the future.

Goes well with other marketing channels

PPC advertising is an essential part of a digital marketing strategy, it works well with other channels. For instance, if you use dynamic campaigns PPC will choose its best-suited keywords that match with the website.

PPC also helps you to know the effectiveness of the keyword. Hence, you know on which keywords to target while doing long-term SEO. PPC also increases mobile application installs and enhances your brand’s mobile marketing.

It also enriches your email marketing campaigns by increasing more email signups. It is ideal for local SEO optimization. To enhance your local business you can use PPC campaign to drive your customers to your shops. Also get direct calls from the customers who are looking for the services and the products in your area.

When should you use PPC?

  • PPC fits into any type of business. You can use it for selling products, raise brand awareness, sell services, to increase leads from social media platforms or from Google. If you have a start-up business or a bigger business, you can use PPC advertising to enhance the sale and expand your business.
  • You can use PPC when you provide time-sensitive sales, events etc.  As there is no other tool that can help you to market these limited offers instantly and reach the targeted audience.
  • Use PPC to wisely choose keywords. Even if you have particular keywords that have ideal organic rankings. You can still use PPC to dominate the search results.

When is PPC not a good companion?

  • When your products do not have a fair price. In such cases, the profit margin becomes too small to accommodate the cost of these advertisements.
  • If you have an Adsense. However, AdWords and Adsense work together, but in some cases, it becomes problematic to use them together.
  • You should not opt for PPC if you do not have a thorough knowledge to complete it correctly. Though running campaigns on Facebook and AdWords is not a difficult task if done improperly. You might end up losing a good amount of money.


PPC is a must tool for all type of business. If you are not using these campaigns you are losing money and missing your chances of increasing your business. However, the official target of PPC is to test. Always make sure to test different strategies and features for your account. Every campaign is different, and it will have its own reactions. Therefore it is advisable to focus on its strategies and features. There are common practices also, but until you test you won’t be able to recognize the best. It is advisable to treat Pay per click advertising like other types of paid advertising with a goal in mind. In other words, do not concentrate on clicks but on conversions.

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