You have heard SEO, but Local SEO is a new term for you. Right?

No worries! I will help you out by explaining what is SEO and why you should opt for it.

Do you know most of the searches in the search engines like Google are local?

This means if you have a local business and you have hired professionals for SEO, but not local SEO. There are high chances you are missing a fortune when people who know your services search for them online.

And, trust me there are numerous people who are searching. In research, it was seen 89% of people search for local services while 58% of people search regularly.

Local SEO Images Fact

Surprisingly, 80% of people were seen visiting the store. But, if your site’s local SEO is inadequate people might not even find you, which means you are leaving your money on the table.

I hope you have understood what Local SEO actually does. But are still struggling to understand what Local SEO is?

Local SEO is quite similar to organic SEO, but it has an additional geographical component which helps your website to be visible when local people search for similar products and services.

Explicitly, with good local SEO, you rank high in the pages of search engines for local searches.

For eg., you have a coffee shop in Delhi and your business will increase when local people find you easily.

But not when people of Mumbai find you, they will try to locate some good shops near them.

Hence, it is very crucial to use advanced local SEO to increase your business.

You might be thinking, does local search ranking factors? Obviously, it does it helps you to take your website to the local pack ranking.

Now, what is “pack”?

In search engines like Google, “3-pack” is an assortment of the three top results of the search.

This was a 7-pack before, but now it is shortened to give the visitors better results and to fit the mobile searches.

Now you know where you want to take your business right?

Let’s have a look at what local SEO does to your site

Optimizing your site

Without a properly optimized site, you might find it hard to climb the ladders of the search engines.

In the first step, all you need to do is examine the SEO of your website, to know where it needs improvement.

With standard SEO practices, you should follow some tips to improve your local SEO.

Firstly, you should create your contact page, as visitors need precise information about the products and services.

Don’t forget to add your personal details like Name, Address, and phone number. You can also add your email, likewise people who add theirs to easily reach their visitors.

Include business addresses (if you have many)

If you have more than one locations add all the addresses, name and also the contact number of each address.

In fact, 50% of local mobile searchers are looking for business information like a Local Address.

Shop Adress Image

Don’t forget to make the contact numbers clickable on cell phones. It is essential to make your website properly optimized for smartphone, as most of the searches are related to location.

Also, about 80% of the visitors end up calling the store to know about their services in detail.

If any visitor opens your site on mobile and finds something missing and wants to call you. A visitor might feel annoyed if he/ she has to switch the apps and type number manually.

This might also force a visitor to leave the site and opt for another site who provides the same services.

Hence, make your contact number clickable, whenever the visitor clicks on your phone number, it will prompt, if they like to call the number.

Clickable Mobile Number

Now, you might be wondering how should I make my contact number clickable?

You can read this clickable mobile number guide making your number clickable and also you can visit Google’s post that guides you through the process of making your contact number clickable.

Add your locations

Local SEO is meant to make you visible in front of our local customers. It allows people to find you easily.

So it will be foolish of you if you do not add maps, particularly when most of the visitors search for locations on Google Maps.

Add your locations

The number is 86%. Yes, 86% of visitors look-up your location on google map.


According to local SEO guide, Google calculates testimonials as trust signals. This is the reason Local SEO guide have an entire page that is devoted to these reviews.

Testimonials of website

You can collect any remarkable testimonials from your visitors and add on your website to enhance the local SEO boost.

Add Schema

The schema is a language created to make a customary language amongst the major search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google. makes it easier for the websites to perceive what the site is about.

If you add proper Schema to your site for your local business Google will recognize your business as small and not a brand which will help you improve your rankings.

Hall Analysis has developed a tool through which you can easily create your Schema markup. It has made the entire process easier, all you need to do is provide your information.

Hall Analysis Tool Image

Now copy the entire code to the right side of the page. Paste your code in HTML website builder or document <head> section. After you are done with adding, test it with Google structured data testing tool.

This tool will use your entire information and will also show it on the right side of the screen.

google structured data testing tool

After you optimize your site or local SEO, you will be in a superior position which will increase your local traffic and rankings.

Check your Social presence

Apart from your website, there are other places too where you should remain active.

Make sure you have listed your business on the main platforms like TripAdvisor, Yelp, Facebook etc, Don’t skip any popular review sites as when it comes to packing system, Google follows review sites.

Add social media profiles

Set up some profiles on social platforms that are appropriate to target your audience.

Always follow best social media practices to seek the attention of more and more people.

Also, while creating your profile, it is crucial that you make information consistent on every platform.

After you set up these profiles, you will attract more visitors to your website.

On the other hand, by setting up your profiles you allow search engines to gather more information about your services which helps you to enhance your site ranking.

Create a profile on Google my Business

To give a good start to create your profile on Google  My Business. This account helps you to monitor your existence on Google.

Google My Business Image

Now, the question arises,  how will you complete the process?

You can simply fill out your profile and collect reviews from your visitors which will help you to rank in the search engines.  Also, Google Maps also show visitors a brief profile of your business.

Local Listings

Among the big brands like Yelp and many more, you will get many occasional review sites. By searching some keywords like

  • [target location] reviews
  • [industry/niche] [target location] reviews

you will find the review sites that are relevant to your services.

Get More Reviews For Your Business

It was easier to bluff people by just showing the brand name, before the internet was introduced.

But fortunately the internet has made customers powerful and people can check instantly whether the product is good or bad.

However, reviews matters a lot as in a research it was seen about 80% people buy products after reading reviews.

About 90% people check ratings and about one person in three customers add reviews or comment on blogs.

98% of the customers stated that reviews matter for them when they checked for any item or product.

Now you know why you need good reviews.

If your product has ratings other than four or five, you might face difficulties to sell your products.

Poor reviews and ratings turn off the customer, also if your product does not have any ratings it might shake off customers confidence level and trust.

Although, it was seen in a research that even if your product ranks one, it will help to boost sales by 10% to 15%.

Good reviews also help you to rank in local search results. They make up to a good percentage of the local ranking factor.

Procuring reviews is a continuous process and once you get engaged in his process, it will be for the lifetime of your business.

But yes, the way you receive good reviews, you might receive negative reviews at some point in time.

Always respond to these reviews personally and professionally, not by using odd words it might hamper your business.

You can prevent these type of reviews by providing extraordinary services and products. It will delight your customers and will also minimize bad reviews and encourage good reviews.

Now you have understood how and why it is essential to list your business on the review platforms. Fill the forms with positive reviews and be prepared to welcome furthermore customers.

Things you should escape while you are searching for a review

You should know the terms of services and the guidelines before you start asking for reviews.

For example, Yelp prohibits the businesses to ask or request reviews in any way. Also, Google doesn’t allow you to offer remuneration in exchange for reviews.

All you want is to channelize your customer’s positive response to attract new customers.

However, this is a fact you know, when people see good reviews they want to hover upon and wants to see what you have to offer them.

Don’t try to make things mysterious by setting up a kiosk or a review station to ask for reviews. Always allow the customers to leave their reviews on their own, like by using their own accounts.

You want your customers to want to leave reviews, which comes down to the quality of services you offered.

Make sure, you are not asking your customers to leave too many reviews at one point in time.

Sudden adding of many positive reviews will look fishy and Google might filter them on some of the social platforms.

Lastly, I would like to add that your acquiring reviews should be a constant process to increase your business.

Create Local Content for Your Local SEO

As we are known to this fact, that Google likes content and it filters the websites which add fresh content and keeps them on the first list.

This is the reason experts say blogging is crucial for SEO.

Add Blog to Your Website

If you haven’t created a blog on your site yet, create one as soon as possible.

To gain optimal SEO benefits, try to host your blogs on your site’s domain. For example, “” rather than “”.

Add Blog To Your Website

I hope you have understood the difference. By adding blogs in a correct way you will increase links to your business’s site.

As we know links are the main factors to get local organic ranking factor.

Hence, when your blog’s ranking increase, your website’s rankings also follow it.

While writing your posts or blogs, add names of your neighborhood, local city, and unofficial terms.

As different people search in a different way and some might search with your city name, some with your locality name and some with your neighborhood name.

Hence you should add all to catch up with the entire audience. Don’t forget to use neighboring town and cities, some people might search with that too.

To provide useful information, you can add local happenings it will boost your SEO and also help your site to rank, as a customer want spicy news.

Also add some popular events like election, events, matches, fairs, organizations etc.

Try to cover events from the business perspective and write posts which help your reader to get information in some way; it will help you to become a trusted source in the industry.

There are some of the organizations that do not write about their products and services rather on those topics which people like.

It helps the reader to get information in some way.

Link Buildings

After you build your blog audience, you will also want to gather some inbound links.

It is a good way to start or join conversations in different business blogs.

Are there any competitors whom you want to avoid? Or some related businesses? You can wisely add links or add thoughtful comments about their posts on your article.

Developing relationships with other organizations is an ideal way to settle your site and attracts visitors and links back to your article or website.

Targeted Customers

You should know who your targeted audience is.

But if you are not aware of your audience it will become very difficult to write helpful content that can add visitors.

So after you have created your reader base, its time to understand demographics of your intent neighborhoods.

Zip Code Lookup is a perfect tool created by Nielson, it helps you to simply input your zip and gather all the information you want.

Zip Code Lookup Image

Mistakes you need to avoid

There are some common mistakes which people make when they start focusing locally.

Don’t copy paste your content from other websites, not even from your dealers. Unless you transform in your own words and an original one.

Be careful of the multi-website technique of your enterprise.

It is advisable to build up a single website for your products and services, rather split different resources between various sites.

Build Your References

What do you mean by references?

They are citations of your business name, contact number, address, website etc on the web, even there is no link to the website.

It is essential as it helps your local SEO to rank high and end up becoming one of the pack ranking factors.

Make sure you create references for the physical locations; you can create a different set of citations for every physical location you have for your business.

But add correct information like your name and address on every reference you create.  If your citations remain mismatched, it might affect the ranking factors.

Algorithms of the search engines are very clever and can apprehend most of the citations. It is crucial to check whether the search engine will pick up your citations or not.

Some ways by which you can easily build up citations are:

Local Blogs

To boost your local SEO blogs are an ideal way to start and list your business.

These blogs get perfectly indexed by the search engines and they are highly connected with a region, city, and neighborhood.

As you collect links from other blogs, search engines like Google increasingly view your business as relevant and trusted in local search engines.

However, local blogs are different for every location, but one can find appropriate for you and your business by searching for your services.

The top blogs have the city name or region in their title or domain. So, don’t forget to add yours when you add your blog.

Local Search Engine

Bing or Google, searches the web for references and citations to update your information in their own indexes.

You can help the search engines by listing or uploading your services and products on different sites like Foursquare, Yelp, and Hotfrog.

You can dedicate some resources and time to ensure that your business is listed in some relevant local business directories.

Focused Directories

Local directories and local blogs are strongly associated with a geographical location and it is also properly indexed by the search engines.

Directories that are edited by the people are preferred by the search engines, as they don’t result in spam.

Hence, these are more appreciated by the search engines.

You can start and search for some particular directories like state directory, city directory etc.

Blogs and Directories that focus on your industry

You can increase your references by focusing on directories and blogs.

These sites focus the keywords and topics that are similar to your business.

However, these sites do not have a local focus always; the local search engines might count it as a reference source.

If you have a membership directory for trade or if you have a blog which is famous amongst the readers. Both will be crawled by the local search engines for references or citations.

For example, Porch is a directory for the local contractors like the electricians, painters, plumbers etc. Likewise, you can also find directories that are relevant to your business by searching directories like.


If your business is small with limited resources, you might it difficult to climb the ladder of rank in the SERPs.

But always remember that local SEO is essential for the success of your business and about 18% of the mobile searches end up with a sale in one day.

Now people rely more and more on the search engines and also on the reviews to find what they need.

All you need to do is to enhance your local rankings. If you want to climb the ladder of the SERPs, you need to optimize your website, acquire citation, earn reviews and produce great content.

If you improve your local SEO you will increase your organic traffic and also find more leads which will, in turn, improve your business.

But yes, don’t astray in the technical local SEO practices like web optimization and citations. Participate in events and try to join local organizations; building relationships with other local businesses will help to attract visitors to your website.

I have explained to you so much about local SEO, you might wonder local SEO is all you need to boost your rankings.

But this is not true; you will also need social media marketing and SEO to enhance your rankings.

You might have heard this saying, ‘online efforts are a reflection of offline realities’.

If your services are bad, you will end up acquiring bad reviews. Try to focus on the business so that you can develop it in the best way possible.

At last, the best marketing technique improves your business and also attracts your customers.

To succeed in business you must change according to the SEO techniques or you might find yourself at the rear end in this race.

Make a move now or you might be left behind.

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