Hey, are you looking for how SEO can help your business or Importance of SEO in Small Business?

Then you are in the right place, Here I cover SEO importance in small business, e-commerce and online business.

We know SEO marketing holds an important position in today’s competing market. But what should be your next step to promote your business? Forget about the strategies you used before, SEO has changed it needs more.

Always remember people rely on the search engines and every day innumerable users look for solutions to their problems and search answers for their questions.

The audience ends up their search on any one of the top four or five suggestions in result pages. And if your websites lye somewhere on the second page of the search engines, no one will bother to visit it.

Therefore, to increase visitors on your website or to add more customers to your online store, your website needs to be in the first page and also, in the first positions.

Importance of SEO

Your website visibility increases with the use of high ranking keywords. Customer believes search engines and these search engines look for particular keyword presence, that the customer is searching for.
And if your website uses these keywords, it ranks and increases audience and trust. Search Engine Optimization is not only about search engines, but mainly about the practices that improve the website usability and user experience. It not only focuses on website visibility but also enhances your site’s usability.

SEO helps you to leave your competitors behind, for instance, two websites sell the same products or services. The website that follows proper SEO practices will gain more customers and rank high.

SEO helps your big website to run smoothly. If you use proper SEO methods and regularly post contents, your website will automatically rank. As everyone knows search engine like Google likes content. Hence, keep adding informative and fresh content and increase the visibility of your website.

Promote your site by adequately optimizing it. Social promotion is also a part of a good SEO. If your audience is searching for your website in Yahoo and Google, they will also promote it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other channels.

Importance of SEO in Small Businesses

As we all know SEO helps the small organizations to develop strong and user-friendly sites fast. These sites rank high in the search engines which attracts more audience, resulting in increased sales. It also allows creating brand awareness by keeping your website on the first page of the SERPs (search engine result pages).

People trust these pages and start recognizing your business as a brand. If you are one of the small business owners and struggling to make a customer base. It is advisable to opt for a proper SEO strategy and enhance your business level. People who are aware of the importance of SEO are using it enjoying its benefits.

Increased Customers

Now there is a question, why one should have a website? The answer is more straightforward than you might think, to improve the customer base. But a proper Sear engine optimized webpage makes you stand out of the crowd.

These websites attract more audience and might double up the business than the sites which are not correctly optimized. SEO being an essential part of marketing is also affordable and efficient.

It only brings in the potential customers who are eager to buy your services and product. If you spend a little amount of energy time and money, SEO will bring back customers and targeted traffic which in turn will increase sales than any other marketing techniques.

User-Friendly Website

Create a smoother, faster and a user-friendly website with the help of SEO. However, some people still believe that SEO is all about optimizing in the search engines.

But now it has changed, and it also focuses to improve the experience of the users. Uncluttered and well-structured websites constrain a normal or passing by the visitor and hold back for a longer duration.

It increases sale chances, page views and decreases bounce rate. Additionally, an ideal content relevant to the product or service keeps the reader informed and solved their all queries.

It allows them to check out what they are looking for. If On-page SEO is done correctly, it not only makes the customer happy but also the search engines, as they are specially made to serve very high-quality information.

Increased Conversion Rates

Websites that are SEO optimized enjoy some benefits like they are easy to surf, read, they load faster. The correctly display in all the devices like tablets, mobiles, desktop, etc.

Hence, these become very easy to navigate, read and gain knowledge in a very short period. These sites hold the customer’s attention from visitors or readers, i.e., they become subscribers, returning visitors or potential customers.

Enhance Brand Awareness

Benefits of ranking in searching engines are to develop brand awareness. When your sites rank on the first page of some of the major search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing.

Customers start trusting your site and they assume it as a brand than the ones which do not have a robust presence. They return again and again for more details or to get answers to their questions. Hence, small businesses should opt for SEO and increase their brand awareness.


SEO optimized websites stand out of the competition. Take an example of a product like a shampoo, and there are many companies that sell shampoo.

What will a person want? To buy one from any site, if the site is not properly organized do you think a person will wait for the website to reload, gradually come up with its products.

During the loading time, that person will switch on to another site selling the item, will buy and leave the site. It’s time for you to decide which website will get more customers and rank first.

SEO and search engines are powerful, so to keep your competitors at bay, you should opt for an optimized site.

Importance of SEO for E-commerce

Importance of SEO for Ecommerce

No matter, your company is big or small, to maximize your website’s profitability you will need SEO. However, there are many organizations refrain from using it.

But when it comes to an E-Commerce site, one should not ignore it from using. If you are doing so, you are leaving a chunk of money on the table.

Some of the recognized sites that use SEO and have benefitted are Magneto, Shopify, etc. There are some reasons why one should opt for SEO are listed below:

Finding Customer

Technology evolvement has transformed the way of living. Earlier people used to buy and sell from the stores. But with globalization and digitalization people have started buying from different countries have raised the demand of E-Commerce companies.

While shopping online, customers are very impatient and might leave the page if they face any problems and might end up landing up on another page. Without a properly optimized site, you might lose your potential customers.

Also, proper SEO provides visibility, and no visibility will result in few customers whom you know personally. Which means no sales, profit, growth or brand awareness. While if your competitors have a properly developed site, they will earn more and leave you behind.

If luckily you experienced high sales due to some reason, you will observe that without SEO your sales will decrease or become stagnant and you might face difficulties to enhance your business.

There are high chances that you might also lose these potential customers. Hence, to progress in this field, SEO is an essential tool to win every online battle.


If your business has various competitors, then you might be paying for promotions like ads, banners, etc. But if you have an effective SEO, your reliance on these type of expenditure reduces and you save money.

Ads buying involves a lot of money and a good finance system.  Also, they do not bring in customer like SEO does. Hence, during the financial crisis, people opt for SEO that brings many sales and growth.

SEO is not like what it used to be, but it has added various contemporary things. It can attract customers only by a website’s high quality. Also, you do not pay any money directly, but only to the SEO professional.

Long Lasting Outcome

SEO promises measurable, long-lasting, cost-effective and targeted results. It will only stop when you stop paying for your advertisement, but until then, it will continue to drive traffic to your website.

SEO itself grows stronger with time, all you need to do is rule the market and make money. Sometimes, people divert their attention to another thing, and after they come back, they find SEO is the same as before which signifies it has a lasting outcome.

Importance of SEO for online business

Importance of SEO for online business

Online marketing holds a spacious place. People prefer shopping online than going to the supermarket or the general store. Online marketing has made our lives so easy that with only a few clicks we get what we want at our door.

Due to this increased demand, most of the people are trying to sell their products online. And the companies are trying to attract more and more customers with attractive layouts and designs.

But who is making these designs? SEO is responsible for all the coloured pages you see when you open different web pages. SEO is uniquely important for online business.

The Internet is a worldwide marketplace. Search engines rank you highly so that people from anywhere in the world can see the sight whenever they want. SEO makes your website easily accessible.

Every year the online business is growing. Internet presence is professionally optimized to draw the traffic from search engines. If company websites fail to invest in search engine optimization which avails your audience. You might be leaving important customers behind. Also, it attracts visitors, which enrols keywords, links and many factors.

An optimized website brings visitors on a constant basis open a road to generate lead responsibilities. Once the SEO and traffic generation are established leads can be captured regularly.

When you market your website through different platforms, you end up paying more. But when you opt for SEO, it offers the lowest cost as compared to other responsibilities.

We all want to increase the audience, and traffic increase is a positive indicator of growth. Which you can achieve through a properly optimized website. Unless you develop trust people will not visit your site.

Trust is an important factor in online business and you can develop it in your potential customers by knowing the importance of SEO. People generally lose patience while they surf the internet. Therefore, SEO avails your website quickly.

SEO is equally important for the startups as well as for the established firms. According to researches, mobile shoppers use search to influence the purchasing decision. And mobile searches for products or services. SEO marketing services make your search easily findable and accessible.

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